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Meet Dita Bhargava

Hi I'm Dita

Making our state work for everyone will require new ideas and strong leadership in Hartford. ​


​Over the past many years, it has become harder for many Connecticut residents to get ahead. We cannot afford to keep governing the same way and expect a better outcome.

I have a plan for our future that will create the conditions for growth for our towns, families, and businesses, and that will form jobs for the middle-class without the burden of additional taxes. 


I believe in the future of Connecticut. I will ensure that our residents, businesses, colleges, and government can thrive together in a way that makes our state stronger and fairer.  I want to invite new businesses that will invest responsibly in our state, and ensure that our college graduates can find the right opportunities here at home. My plan will enhance the livelihood of our families and bring positive change to our state's economy and fiscal soundness.


I thank you for allowing me to share this vision with you. Please reach out to me with question or comments at

I look forward to meeting you soon!



Know Dita

Dita Bhargava has successfully challenged the status quo her entire life and will bring the same tenacity to fight for all who call Connecticut home. 


Raised by a single immigrant mother of three, Dita persevered through economic hardship to make her way to McMaster University, a top institution in Canada, where she earned the respect of her colleagues by becoming one of only a handful of women to obtain a degree in Electrical Engineering.  Upon graduation, Dita pursued an interest in finance where she enjoyed a distinguished career as a trader in a typically male-dominated field.  She credits her success to the trust she earned with clients and colleagues through unwavering diligence, fairness, and integrity.


Motivated by personal and professional experiences, and reaffirmed by the challenges as a working parent, Dita became a passionate advocate for economic and gender equality.  She changed careers in 2015 to work on civic initiatives focused on gender parity, empowering underserved communities and promoting cultural awareness and inclusion.  Dita co-founded the Parity Partnership of Connecticut, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating the public about gender inequality whose mission includes advocating for the availability of paid family leave, improving workplace culture, and developing strategies for businesses and organizations to create a more equitable environment for their employees.


Dita also serves as a board member of the Urban League of Southern Connecticut, an organization that helps residents improve their economic status, and is a founding board member of the India Cultural Center of Greenwich, a nonprofit that promotes culture and diversity. Dita is an active volunteer and supporter with the Clinton Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, and Inspirica Women’s Shelter.  In 2016, she rappelled down a 22 story building in Stamford to support Shatterproof, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the opioid crisis and ending the addiction epidemic.  She plans to take the leap again this year.


In January of 2017, Dita was unanimously elected Vice Chair of the Connecticut State Democratic Party.


Dita has a personal appreciation for the challenges facing Connecticut families today. She wants to ensure equal access to education, opportunity, and livelihood for everyone in the state. She has the financial acumen to improve the state’s fiscal outlook, the experience to unlock its economic potential, and the determination to bring that all to bear for a fair and prosperous Connecticut.


Dita met her husband Dan, also a former engineering graduate and finance professional, and son of two New York public school educators, through work. Dan owns a small software business based in Connecticut.  They married in October 2007, and have lived in Cos Cob with their two children ever since.

I want to hear from you.

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Moving our state forward starts with you.

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