PRIORITY :  ​Revitalize Connecticut’s Economy

Revitalize Connecticut’s Economy

Connecticut needs a new strategic plan for its economy. We can’t continue with a “business as usual” approach. We must create an environment that helps our businesses thrive, attracts new companies and industries, and better prepares our workforce for the jobs of the future.


Preserve and Promote Employment Opportunities

  • Support legacy industries and newly developing sectors through stronger partnerships between government, businesses and educational institutions

  • Work with current employers to identify existing or emerging employee shortfalls; work with educational institutions to address coming workforce needs

  • Recruit companies in emerging high-wage industries, including precision manufacturing, energy storage, renewable energy, fintech, bioscience, software development technology and media

  • Expand initiatives that provide resources support and capital to start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs, creating a more dynamic environment in our state for job creation and economic growth


Harness the Power of P3’s (Public-Private Partnerships)

We cannot raise taxes further, and our ambitious, $100 billion infrastructure spending plan needs an equally ambitious funding plan. We must leverage private sector investment, where appropriate, to finance infrastructure.

  • Use private sector investment and skills to deliver services and facilities to the general public by sharing risk, minimizing taxpayer exposure and enhancing efficiency

  • Establish a state infrastructure bank, like many states have, to spur investment by leveraging taxpayer dollars with private capital

  • Revitalize agriculture by incentivizing investment into our growing organic farming industry and farm-to-table producers

  • Support additional light-rail investment to connect business hubs, reduce traffic congestion and spur development.